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We believe in creating beautiful and innovative productivity applications, with a strong emphasis on user experience to optimize our lives.


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Engineering is always central to what we do.


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We live in a chaotic world

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At Forus Labs, we want to unlock our potential and reach greater heights.

We love finding opportunities that help us grow together and are committed to empowering our users to achieve more in their lives.

User-centric design

Your needs are always placed first throughout the development of the application.

Latest productivity techniques

A dedicated team of specialist is on the lookout for any new productivity techniques and even develop several in-house.

Minimalist design

Lean minimalist designs are incorporated to provide more clarity and reduce distractions.

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Learn about what drives us to create amazing productivity applications and ultimately, what makes Forus Labs different.

Our growing catalog of applications.

A non comprehensive list of productivity applications developed by Forus Labs.

TimeBloc - acquired 2020

TimeBloc is the premier time blocking application designed to streamline your time blocking experience.

Coming Soon

We have many exciting new products coming your way.

Coming Soon

We have many exciting new products coming your way.

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